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Leaves of 3

4 oz is roughly 20-30 uses.


Our special blend to immediately recover from Poison Ivy (Urushiol).

Developed out of Need. Used daily by our Poison Ivy Experts.
Makes the most severe rashes clear up within 2-4hrs.


Follow directions for best results.

How to use:
- Apply to affected areas.
- Wait 2-3 minutes for best results and extreme rashes.
- Rinse spray off with as hot as you can handle water. 
- Use cool water to close up skin pores. 

- Repeat every 2-4 hours, if needed, until gone. 


Instant Relief!!!
Does cure "Poison Ivy".
"Poison Ivy", Urushiol, Rashes are an autoimmune, anti-body response. The plant itself is technically not harmful, our reactions to it are.
This solution works by binding to Urushiol temporarily.  Allowing for deep cleaning of reactive areas.

Steroids make Poison Ivy reactions worse by weakening immune system.



~50% Discount for clients.

Poison Ivy (Urushiol) Neutralizing Spray 4 oz

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