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Leaves of 3


We take great honor in being a high-quality service provider. 

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Kurtis Evans

"I had a couple of big patches of poison ivy that needed removed. David and his team came out and assessed the areas Monday and were out all day that Friday removing everything. Love that the removal is organic and not chemical. Would totally recommend Leaves of 3, LLC to anyone!"

What a great service these guys offer! Took care of two wooded properties for me with poison ivy that had gone out of control and spreading. Our poison ivy problem has been removed and I don't have the itchy rashes to show for it - so I'm one very happy customer, for sure! I would highly recommend them to anyone who has an ivy issue on their property.



Helen Townsend

I bought my house last fall. This spring, my new neighbors warned me that my property was full of poison Ivy. They weren’t kidding. There were very old, very big vines on a couple of trees, and smaller vines all across the property. David and Logan came out over several days and pulled vines and dug roots until my yard was clear. I no longer fear working in my yard! The service they provide is labor intensive and worth every penny. They don’t use any poisons. They simply pull out the poison ivy vines and take them away. I recommend them without reservation. If you need poison ivy removed, this is the company you should call!



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