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Leaves of 3

Terms & Conditions

By Viewing the Site and/or Checking the 'Terms & Conditions' box, you agree to the following:

Updated 9/7/2023 8:50 AM
*Added ‘As we go’ Plan
*Added details of limitations
*Added Estimate Cancellation fee
* Added Property Rights & Terms

Leaves of 3 LLC Terms & Conditions 

By contacting Leaves of 3 you, the client, are in agreement with our company's terms and conditions as follows:

- Leaves of 3 LLC is NOT responsible for urushiol contamination, damage to property (trees, fences, lawns, plants, houses, or any other occurrences where we work.)

-The client is responsible for notifying neighbors and others of whom our removals will be regarding in the service area. Client is responsible for acquiring permission(s) to access all areas where services are to be performed.


Estimation Service ​
- Client is REQUIRED to notify us of what, when, and how much chemical has been applied. We reserve the right to charge an ADDITIONAL HAZARD FEE  (>/= $200) and/or TERMINATE AT ANY POINT of service if poisons have been applied or sprayed.​ Cancer risks are known to be high in certain products and we will NOT tolerate long term endangerment of our lands & people. 

- Disclosure of all eradication attempts such as Weed-Trimming, Landscape Paper, and/or other Weed Barriers (chemicals included) are required during estimate.​ Leaves of 3 ONLY guarantees areas serviced, new areas can be added and serviced with additional cost. If previous eradication attempts change the labor hours required, original quote is voided, then we will notify client immediately and propose a revised plan.  

- Estimates are Free within an hour of our office. Gas & Time compensation for traveling charges on anything over an hour one way may be requested beforehand.. 


‘As-Needed’ plan
~ Initial Removal
~ Follow-up removal $287/ visit (6hr max/trip)
~ Seedling Removal $​129/visit (4hr max/trip)


'Guaranteed-Gone' Removal Plan
~ the term is for 1 year from original removal.
Even after expiration, we normally honor unused additional removals as a courtesy.
~ includes up to four (4) additional removals (including seedlings), or up to ~25% of total initial removal labor hours. 



- Removal cancellation fee is 10% of removal cost.
~ Estimation cancellation fee is free w/ 36 hour notice, otherwise $25.


Property Rights Reserved

All Information, phrases, terms, procedures, skills, trade secrets, products, tools, but not limited to, are ALL property of Leavesof3LLC and are not for public use or private replications of any means. We do NOT condone competitors of any kind contacting or Accessing this domain.

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